I'm Swiss with Swiss German mother tongue, a software developer, and currently living in England.

I'm interested in advanced programming techniques, right now concentrating on functional programming including monads, and writing translators for structured data, e.g. program source code. I've chosen Lisp (Scheme) as basis for this work.

This website is actually a testbed for these developments. Its content is a functional program: the text is 'marked up' using function applications written in Lisp syntax, building up a monad that evaluates to different HTML markup depending on the context of the function applications [1]. I've just launched it, right now it is batch-compiled statically, but I'm mostly done with a dynamic implementation that will allow it to react stateful to visitors, for example let them make posts [2]. I may explain this in more detail some time.

Also, I intend to grow the content and layout over time.

[1] and allows for the move of fragments, like footnote text, to different parts of the layout.
[2] I guess in even more functional terms, "to thread state between website visitors"?


Mon, 12 Nov 2012 13:29:42 +0000

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