My nontechnical history


I'm primarily a software developer.

I'm currently working on a labourious private software project that I want to finish before taking on new work in my main expertise area (functional programming and websites). To sustain my living costs during that time, I'm looking for opportunities outside my core career path.

I'm especially interested in some farm work, as that would be very complementary to my normal work. I do have some two weeks of practical experience in that area from 1994, also I've had some exposure to (biological) agriculture and animal topics during my studies.

2007-2008 about 5-6 months of work at the Institute for Pervasive Computing at ETH on a combined hardware and embedded software project, together with a student
1999 diploma thesis at EAWAGon Wikipedia, analyzing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediment of ponds of a biologic highway run-off water purification plant, including implementation of a new statistical evaluation in Perlon Wikipedia.
1992-1999 studies at ETH Zurichexternal with degree in environmental scienceon Wikipedia.
1995 student apprenticeship at the Ökozentrum Schattweid in Wolhusen/Switzerland, helping in a project by Thomas Rohrer analyzing the safety of composting toilets with regards to microorganisms, mostly helminths (building a literature and facts database in Filemaker, taking measurements, laboratory analysis using pork tapeworm eggs)
1994 two weeks living with and helping doing the harvest and various agricultural tasks at the agricultural co-operative Longo Maion Wikipedia in Limans/France
1991-1992 work as freelance photographer and writer for a regional newspaperexternal; implementation of a simple filesystem driver on the C-128 to exchange data with the floppy disk format used by the editing system of the editorial office. Attended the compulsory military service.
1982+ playing with a little chemistry and analog electronic circuits.


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