Some of my own programs


I've written many small tools for my everyday work in the Linux command line. I've been using Perl for a long time, and hence the majority of them are in that language, some others in Bash.

  • At some point I just put up the repository with the contents of my main local bin directoryexternal, without any curation.The Perl tools are depending on my collection of Perl librariesexternal that I wrote, which I mostly also simply put into one repository. Since I've been moving on to other programming languages, I'll never bother to pack any of those up as CPAN modules. Is that a shame? Well, I think they aren't polished enough for that purpose anyway. They did (and still do) serve my own needs.
  • cj-git-patchtoolexternal: a tool to edit the history of a Git repository in a text editor

See my Githubexternal account for some more published code.

I've been using Linux Vserverexternal for a long time and have written a set of utilities for it (in Perl) that I haven't published; send me a note if you think I should put those up.


Mon, 12 Nov 2012 13:43:45 +0000