About this website



Pictures taken and copyright by Christian Jaeger unless stated otherwise in image title or caption.

The header pictures are showing sceneries in England in 2012.

The website is generated/run by a program written in the Scheme programming language. The program is using monads to build up side-effecting programs for IO, and the pages are written in a context sensitive markup language implemented as functions running in a monad that maintains the context and collects html output. Read and write storage is in the Git revision control system. I might release it some time.

The site is hosted on two geographically distributed virtual machines in a configuration that should be fail safe through DNS: they are both hosting DNS, and publicize themselves as handler of the site, so if a machine isn't reachable, the other will end up serving requests automatically. I'd love to set them up for geographically close selection instead (using ping times instead of GeoIP?), but that's more complicated than I have time to deal with right now. Synchronization happens over the Git data store.

Well, that's the plan, anyways, currently the published site is static only, i.e. batch-compiled from the Git store. The rest is still in the works.


Sat, 3 Nov 2012 19:59:10 +0000