Here are some projects that I’m working on. See my GitHub account for more.

Websites in Rust

I have implemented this website in the programming language Rust. It has been my first web development in the language (but not first development in Rust in general), and has been an excellent learning experience. Due to having clear aims (mainly for the future) and not knowing the web ecosystem yet (and choosing a non-async, but simplicistic web server as the basis) I implemented quite a lot of parts myself. I’ll explore the ecosystem around Axum to see what I’ll want to keep and migrate. But I now know that I can get working whatever I need.

The code is public, but while I’ll be able to base other websites on it, it’s not clear whether it will be as useful for others in the current form. It also contains the code to serve a blog. I’ll publish a post about this codebase.

Teaching programming with C

Cj50 is a codebase to help write graphical programs (simple games) in the programming language C, in a style that’s reminiscent of the programming language Rust, i.e. more modern, consistent, and in a way that should make learning Rust more familiar. Perhaps this will also be useful for C programmers who would like to start learning Rust?

Data science & OpenStreetMap

Working with a scientist, I’m developing a codebase in Rust to evaluate health data from Brazil. This also includes the extraction of geographical data from OpenStreetMap. The project is ongoing.

Functional programming in Perl

Functional Perl is a project to support a functional programming style in Perl.