Work in a Climate context

I’m interested in working for projects in an environmental or climate context.

I have a Master of Science degree in Environmental Sciences from ETH Zurich. While I have much more knowledge and experience as a software developer, this education can help me understand what your company or project is working on, leading to fewer misunderstandings and a more efficient collaboration.

I’m currently learning about and practising in the area of data science and analytics to become productive in that area, too.

My core interests and competencies are:

  • Development of systems for data processing and management, as well as websites and web- and GUI applications in the programming language Rust. Rust is a systems development language with advantages for performance, stability, and breadth of applicability.

  • Development of systems for data processing or management as well as websites in the programming language Python.

  • Development and application of algorithms in either technology.

  • Data science and analytics (easier cases or in collaboration, as I am still learning).

  • Setup and maintenance of server infrastructure as needed.

I know enough about the JavaScript and TypeScript technologies to be able to collaborate with people in the field (frontend and fullstack development), but am not currently taking on projects as the main developer in those technologies, except for scripting interactions where necessary via htmx and similar approaches which reduce the complexity of frontend development.

I’m a member of the Climatebase Fellowship.